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White Label/Agent Solution

Support authority management for different business roles, and assign corresponding control authority, such as business management, configuration management, monitoring statistics, etc.

Data Source Quotation Solution

Introduce international dedicated data sources such as the London Precious Metals Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, etc., and provide market data services 24 hours a day

Risk Management Solution

Identify different transaction risks through effective risk monitoring methods, and adopt measures such as avoiding risks, transferring risks, and reducing losses to ensure transaction stability

CRM Customer Management Solution

New and old customers can be classified and managed, customers from different sources can be distinguished, and personal data of visiting customers can be added, maintained, and inquired

Payment Gateway Solution

At the meantime, it connects to multiple third-party payment channels and supports payments from multiple mainstream banks around the World to ensure that funds can flow in and out in real time


Comprehensive technical support

Focusing on the financial technology field for many years, the experienced technical team provides 7/24 hours bilingual service in Chinese and English

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